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Misters & Sisters
length: 60 minutes

4 dancers, 1 pianist

  "Misters and Sisters" is a delightful and earnest homage to the power of small-town dreams, crafted with razor-sharp big-city wit. This production doesn’t simply try to shrink [Parker's] blend of contemporary dance, tap, and ballet to the small stage, but instead offers a real cabaret wherein the artists show off their deep-rooted song and dance chops. Parker is a master of rhythmic play and compositional structures, but here gets to belt and swoon and vamp without a hint of postmodern irony. They employ the perfect mix of banter, singing, dancing, sequins, gowns, fans, bow-ties, soft-shoe, no-shoe, pointe-shoe, tap-shoe, and narrative for a splendid evening’s entertainment sprinkled with poignancy and politics. " — Maura Donohue,Culturebot. 


length: 65 Minutes
dancers: 12+

It’s The Nutcracker, but definitely not as we know it. The Bang Group has taken every little girl’s favorite Christmas show and torn it limb from limb. Mixing Tchaikovsky’s original score with music by Duke Ellington, Glen Miller and others, the company turns the sugar coated ballet into a percussive piece of dance theatre. Expect tap dancing, singing and some unusual pointe shoe activity. Nothing is sacred as Nutcracked twists and melds various dance traditions into an ode to American eclecticism which honors the power of the human urge to dance while riding Tchaikovsky’s voluptuous waves of rhythm.


length: 50 Minutes
dancers: 8

Working with recordings from Irving Berlin’s musical comedy classic, “Annie Get Your Gun,” made by Judy Garland and Howard Keel for the 1949 MGM, ShowDown takes the songs out of their original narrative context and places them in a wholly contemporary, choreographic world. It unravels the venerable musical’s themes of a show down between the sexes, the lure of show business and the juncture of love and ambition with freewheeling and anarchic vigor. No one is Annie and yet, perhaps, everyone is. Parker treats the score seriously as music and poetry and allows the humor to bubble up inevitably where it will


length: 11 minutes
dancers: 2

David Parker and Jeffrey Kazin come literally unglued as they negotiate the perilous and hysterical results of wearing neck to toe velcro suits. Among the many surprising elements is the use of the velcro suits to produce a ripping percussive score. Winner: 2002 Bessie Award for Design.


Friends of Dorothy
length: 8 minutes
dancers: 2

Celebrating their reputation as New York's only simultaneously comic and romantic male dance team Parker and Kazin slam, hoof and skip down a yellow brick road of their own design in Friends of Dorothy. Danced to overripe recordings by Jane Powell and Debbie Reynolds, this improbable couple finds dollops of beauty among the heartless kitsch and low down humor in the residue of Hollywood's past.


Critical Mass
length: 14 minutes
dancers: 2

(co choreographed by David Parker and Sara Hook) Two veteran performers hoist their flagging egoes while they swagger, sing and sweat their tired booties with dilapidated abandon, all in the interest of pleasing that critical mass of people otherwise known as the audience.


Hind Legs
length: 11 minutes
dancers: 1

A solo for a man on pointe who explores the percussive potential of his toe shoes. This funny, heroic piece is accompanied only by the stabbing, stomping, tapping sounds of the toe shoes.


On the Tip of My Tongue
length: 13 minutes

A trio for two men and one woman, all on point and clenching harmonicas between their teeth, playing them as they partner each other in rhythmically and musically dazzling choreography.


length: 30 minutes
dancers: 6

Six dancers grapple with the lush tradition of popular American vaudeville forms which have long inspired Parker's work. This work utilizes a new syncopated physical language and carves out intricately choreographed dance events which jostle each other to a score that wheels freely from The Sound of Music to Hava Nagila (rendered by a handbell choir) to Schubert's Ave Maria. Both the sacred and the showbiz Marias reconcile in this wide rangingly comic and virtuosic dance which punctures dance elitism as it reintroduces a lost quality of beauty.


length: 10 minutes
dancers: 2

An enigmatic and elegiac a capella tap dance for a man and a woman who make their own music with, for and in spite of one another.


Hour Upon The Stage
length: 1 Hour
dancers: 8

A full frontal assault on theatrical time featuring David Parker’s kinetically rich, singular movement style in which the dancing body creates its own rhythmic cadences. The dancers slam, shove, stamp and groove, inventing a propulsive, aural language that enlivens the physical experience of moving. The work examines states of self-doubt, self-consciousness, and obsessive-compulsive behavior as the dancers push their bodies into elaborate shapes that quickly dissolve and are rebuilt, creating images that display the body’s inner and outer surfaces as expressive instruments


length: 12 minutes
dancers 4

A quartet about insatiable romantic craving is danced in red skirted morning suits which reconfigure masculine and feminine modes. Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto doesn't just incite hyper romantic angst in the dancers, but ensnares them and won't let them go, even from clinches.

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